Commercial Air Conditioning – Canberra

Mint Air Conditioning provides a wide range of commercial air conditioning services in the Canberra region. Whether you require servicing, repairs or a completely new system, Mint Air Conditioning has you covered for HVAC services in Canberra. Our fully licensed and insured technicians – led by director Dan Savage – are equipped to handle commercial projects of any size or complexity.

New air conditioning systems

Mint Air Conditioning is an authorised dealer for Daikin, Fujitsu and Panasonic commercial air conditioners in Canberra. We also supply equipment from the likes of Samsung, Brivis, Mitsubishi, Seeley International and Temperzone. As a HVAC specialist in Canberra, we have the ability to tailor cooling and heating solutions to suit.

Commercial split systems

Commercial split systems are an ideal solution for many small businesses, as they have the ability to heat and cool a confined space. Many cafes, small retailers, solicitors and accountants choose a commercial split system. Commercial split systems are comprised of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, and don’t require ducting (making them relatively cost-effective).

Commercial Multi-split systems

Commercial multi-split systems are common in many medium-sized commercial settings, such as medical clinics, restaurants and professional services firms. Commercial multi-split systems, which circulate both cold and hot air, operate from a single central unit and require a ducting network for circulation. Mint Air Conditioning can help you select the right commercial multi-split system in Canberra.

Rooftop systems

Rooftop air conditioning systems, which provide ducted heating and cooling, are a feature of many commercial and office buildings in Canberra. As the name suggests, rooftop systems have a central unit that’s mounted on the roof to save floorspace and provide easy technical access. Most modern rooftop systems feature sophisticated multi-zone and climate control functionality. The team at Mint Air Conditioning in Canberra is highly experienced when it comes to rooftop systems.

VRF / VRV systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems are large-scale air conditioning solutions that are typically found in hotels, multi-storey office blocks, large shopping centres, hospitals and factories. New VRF / VRV systems require a high degree of design and planning to ensure successful implementation. As a renowned HVAC specialist in Canberra, Mint Air Conditioning has the ability to design, supply and install VRF / VRV systems.

Air Conditioner Servicing and Repairs

Mint Air Conditioning services and repairs a wide range of commercial air conditioning systems in Canberra. Our licensed HVAC technicians can access quality parts for all the big brands in commercial air conditioning, including Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung, ActronAir, Brivis, Mitsubishi, Seeley International, Temperzone and Carrier.

To learn more about our commercial air conditioning services in Canberra, please call the friendly team at Mint Air Conditioning on 02 6280 5812.


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