Evaporative Cooling – Canberra

Mint Air Conditioning is a leading provider of evaporative cooling solutions in the Canberra region. We supply, install and service equipment from all the big names in evaporative cooling, including Braemar, Coolair, Breezair, Rinnai, Brivis and Bonaire. As a full-service HVAC provider in Canberra, we also run ducting and install air vents.

How does evaporative cooling work?

As its name suggests, evaporative cooling involves water evaporation: a rooftop unit draws in warm air and passes it through wet filter pads to create cool air, which is then distributed via ducts and vents. Evaporative cooling requires a hot, dry, low-humidity climate (such as Canberra’s) to work effectively.

Unlike traditional air conditioning, evaporative cooling needs open windows and doors to function properly: this ensures that the warm air has somewhere to go (after meeting the cool air from the vents). Don’t worry if this concept sounds strange or contradictory, as our technicians will explain things further.

What are the benefits of evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling, which works well in Canberra, provides many benefits.

  • It’s eco-friendly, as refrigerant gases aren’t involved.
  • It emits lower levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) than a traditional air conditioner.
  • The air it blows out is generally fresher and healthier, as it isn’t recirculated (like it is in traditional air conditioning).
  • The evaporative cooling unit filters out many harmful dust particles and allergens (which are prevalent in Canberra).
  • It generally uses less electricity than traditional air conditioning. (Evaporative cooling still needs electricity for the fan and water pump.)

It’s fair to say that evaporative cooling offers many benefits, but purchasers need to be aware that the technology doesn’t work as well on humid or rainy days. Evaporative cooling also requires access to a reliable water supply, which isn’t a problem in Canberra.

Is evaporative cooling cheaper than refrigerated air conditioning?

Ducted evaporative cooling systems are usually cheaper to run (in terms of electricity costs) than traditional air conditioners. However, evaporative cooling systems probably require more routine maintenance than traditional air conditioners.

In terms of equipment cost, evaporative cooling systems and traditional air conditioners are hard to compare (given all the variables). But don’t worry, our experienced HVAC technicians in Canberra will sit down with you and discuss the cooling options available to you.

Do evaporative coolers require regular servicing?

Absolutely. Evaporative cooling systems require regular cleaning to remove moulds, bacteria and mineral build-ups (from the pads, nozzles and blades). Mint Air Conditioning has been servicing evaporative cooling systems in Canberra for many years.

To find out more about evaporative cooling solutions in Canberra, please call the professional team at Mint Air Conditioning on 02 6280 5812.