Ducted Gas Heating, Hydronic Heating and Electric Heating – Canberra

Mint Air Conditioning is your local expert when it comes to ducted gas heating, hydronic heating and electric heating systems in Canberra. We supply, install and service systems from all the big brands in heating, including Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Braemar and Brivis. Our friendly and helpful team will help you choose the right heating system to stay warm during Canberra’s colder months.

Ducted Gas Heating

Mint Air Conditioning provides an end-to-end ducted gas heating solution in Canberra. We supply and install gas units from industry leaders such as Braemar and Brivis, as well as ducting systems. Ducted gas heating is a whole-of-home solution that delivers a steady stream of warm air throughout the property. Ducted gas heating systems are available with different energy ratings (3 – 7 stars).

Add-on Cooling

Add-on cooling provides a ducted gas heating system with a refrigerated cooling capability (to use in the warmer months). Mint Air Conditioning supplies and installs add-on cooling units for both new and existing ducted gas heating systems in Canberra. It should be noted that many existing ducted gas heating systems in Canberra aren’t compatible with add-on cooling units.

Reverse cycle air conditioners (ducted and non-ducted)

Reverse cycle air conditioners are popular in Canberra for good reason: they provide homeowners with an integrated heating and cooling solution. They’re also relatively cost-effective to run during the colder months. As an authorised Daikin, Fujitsu and Panasonic dealer, Mint Air Conditioning has access to some of the best reverse cycle air conditioners on the market in Canberra.

Reverse cycle air conditioners can be installed as standalone units or connected to ducting systems. Mint Air Conditioning has considerable expertise when it comes to the installation of reverse cycle air conditioners and ducting systems in Canberra. Our friendly HVAC technicians will take you through the design process and advise on a suitable system and ducting material (sheet metal, fibreboard or “flexible”).

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating – also known as “radiant heating” – involves the transfer of hot water (mixed with glycol) through a piping system in the walls and floors of a property. Hydronic heating requires a boiler / water heater to heat the water, and a circulator pump to distribute it through the pipes to the end devices (panel radiators and coils under the floor).

The main advantage of hydronic heating is that it generates a heat energy that’s healthy, eco-friendly and cost-effective (once the equipment has paid for itself). As a local HVAC specialist, Mint Air Conditioning can help you explore the feasibility of hydronic heating in Canberra, and also introduce you to the revolutionary Daikin Altherma hydronic heating system.

Electric Heating

Mint Air Conditioning supplies and installs traditional “hardwired” electric heating panels in Canberra and surrounding areas. Traditional “hardwired” electric heating panels are really only suitable for small rooms requiring intermittent heating. If you’re looking for a whole-of-home solution, a reverse cycle air conditioner will deliver greater energy efficiency.

For further information and advice on ducted gas heating, reverse cycle air conditioners, hydronic heating and electric heating systems in Canberra, please call the knowledgeable team at Mint Air Conditioning on 02 6280 5812.

Ducted Gas Heating, Hydronic Heating and Electric Heating – Canberra